On May 26, we witnessed Israeli occupation forces commit one of their most brutal atrocities in Gaza in recent months. Four days after directing displaced Palestinians to move to a designated “safe zone” in Rafah, Israel dropped 2,000 lb US-made bunker bombs onto the refugee tent camp, murdering at least 50 Palestinians. The images and reports from that night of human beings, adults and little babies, torn apart and burned alive, are seared into our memories. 

We see clearly who is responsible for these massacres. For the last eight months, our government has armed and facilitated a genocide by the Israeli military that has killed nearly 40,000 Palestinians, just as the US and Western countries have aided 76 years of occupation and ethnic cleansing in Palestine. 

We are witnessing life being desecrated in Gaza. We will not turn away. We will not stop demanding an end to genocide, an end to occupation, an end to the criminalization of protest, and an end to colonization everywhere. We refuse to be made numb, to let our spirits be twisted by all that we cannot and should not unsee. The pain that resounds within us also rings with clarity. The heartbreak that feels like it is splitting us in two is opening up chambers containing the reserves we need to affirm life. Within the fruit of our rage are also the seeds of hope.

Actions to Defend Palestine from @bdsnationalcommittee

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