2016-17 Fellows Bia Jackson, Micky Jordan and Grace Nichols
Photo by Stef Bernal-Martinez


  • Provide a structured and consistent way to seed, anchor, and fortify  local SONG work in emerging chapters especially those sites and states without staff.
  • Provide added infrastructure to SONG regionally through communications and development fellowships
  • Identify and cultivate Black, Immigrant, Rural, Transgender, gender non-conforming and working class leadership
  • Provide consistent support, development and organizing training to devoted member leaders

The SONG Fellowship Program is a year long organizing learning and praxis opportunity. It is experiential and experimental in nature. Using an action-reflection model for learning, our organizing work at the local level or regional level is the primary text for the fellowship. Fellows will practice disciplined reflection with the goal of informing future action.

2018-19 Fellows: Kori Davenport, Kyla Hartsfield, Sierra Webb and Karen Mosley, James Mungin (not pictured)
Photo by: Sarmistha Talukdar

Fellows will have agency over the work and learnings, and they will be asked to hold work that contributes to the life of SONG regionally and locally (e.g. Membership Drive, regional member convenings). At its core, the fellowship program is intended to grow the base-building muscle of the fellow.  To that end, and in alignment with SONG’s basebuilding strategy, fellows will explore and experiment with various methods and practices for finding our people, how we keep our people engaged for the long haul, and how we develop ourselves and our people in service to SONG’s regional strategies to End Money Bail and Pretrial Detention and Melt Ice.

Current SONG Organizing fellows: Richmond, VA, Durham, NC, Greensboro, NC, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, and Birmingham, AL.

Current SONG Infrastructure fellows: Communications & Development

For more information contact: Carlin Rushing

All fellowship applications are closed at this time.