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God is Change: SONG's 2020 Reflections

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SONG is about transformation: transforming our communities, the world, and ourselves.  The vision for this transformation, and its resulting programmatic

Free From Fear Campaign

North Carolina SONG Black Lives Matter Cohort
Photo by: Elainiel Baldwin
After years of shifting political waters and we know

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SONG’s kinship network is the bedrock of our membership and organization. As our theory of change states, “When SONG can


SONG’s membership convenings are a key way for us to come together, build and strategize as a regional organization. Our


God Is Change: SONG’s 2020 Reflection Video
[English Below] “Cambias todo lo que tocas. Todo lo que cambias te cambia. La única verdad que perdura es el cambio. Dios es cambio.”Octavia Butler El 2020 nos desafío a cambiar. Enfrentando realidades aterradoras y desconocidas, sabíamos que nuestra fuerza…
A Tribute to Ms. Kat Johnson
[English Below] Como personas queer en el Sur, puede ser poco común estar en espacios compartidos con personas queer mayores. En el espacio SONG, tenemos la fortuna de sentarnos a los pies de nuestrxs mayores que nos brindan sabiduría, amabilidad…