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SONG is about transformation: transforming our communities, the world, and ourselves.  The vision for this transformation, and its resulting programmatic

Free From Fear Campaign

North Carolina SONG Black Lives Matter Cohort
Photo by: Elainiel Baldwin
After years of shifting political waters and we know

Member Initiated Projects

SONG’s kinship network is the bedrock of our membership and organization. As our theory of change states, “When SONG can


2019 Queer South Revival Membership Meeting
Photo by: Sarmistha Talukdar
SONG’s membership convenings are a key way for us to


SONG’s Staycation 2020!
SONG started Gaycation several years ago out of a deep need for us to be together as LGBTQ+ people, Black people, people of color, immigrants, rural people, and working-class Southern people.  So it is with sincere heartbreak that we announce…
A Revolutionary’s Revolutionary: Sharing Our Moments with Murph
[English on page 2] Unx revolucionarix entre revolucionarixs: Compartiendo nuestrxs momentos con Murph Perdimos a nuestrx queridx líder-miembro de SONG Birmingham y becarix organizadorx, Alexis “Murph” Murphy el 22 de marzo de 2020. Desde 2012, Murph fue unx líder-miembro dedicadx,…