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Radical Imagination and Transformative Leadership: Announcing Carlin and Jade as SONG Co-Directors

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Free From Fear 2024 Cohort

Calling Southern LGBTQ+ freedom fighters committed to meeting wretched times with bold and visionary campaign organizing to build power and

Strategic Almanac

The tradition of Southerners on New Ground is that we embrace hope over fear, and that we know ourselves to

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SONG is about transformation: transforming our communities, the world, and ourselves.  The vision for this transformation, and its resulting programmatic

Free From Fear Campaign

North Carolina SONG Black Lives Matter Cohort
Photo by: Elainiel Baldwin
After years of shifting political waters and we know

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SONG’s kinship network is the bedrock of our membership and organization. As our theory of change states, “When SONG can


SONG’s membership convenings are a key way for us to come together, build and strategize as a regional organization. Our


Queer, it Is: 
Arkansas Site Visit Recap by Rolynné Anderson Navigating the limitations of pandemic organizing forced us to collectively reroute, recalibrate, and reevaluate how we engage and/or sustain connections with our base. Southern Organizing is known for birthing the most beautiful modalities…
We’re hiring to help support our ever-growing work and our membership across the South. We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for new team members to join our growing staff! You can find job descriptions and more information about how…
Invitation to Timeline Jump; Reflections on AAPI Month
Durham SONG member, Grace Nichols was sent here across time and space to cause a lot of good trouble. They are a queer, genderqueer, disabled, adoptee, scorpio, soccer fanatic, prismatic performance artist. A member since 2014, Grace owes their politicization,…