SONG’s kinship network is the bedrock of our membership and organization. As our theory of change states, “When SONG can organize to shift power and build beloved community in the South—centering vision, hope, desire, and resiliency—while supporting institutionally oppressed people in building organizations and developing a base of conscious leaders acting as catalysts and incubators of collective action, then a movement of self-determination will exist.”

In 2009, SONG launched the Amantes Program where we supported individual members in personal projects and pursuits. Our reflection from this process was our dreams are potent and we are thirsty to leverage our imagination and dreams in the service of SONG’s vision.

We are happy to invite SONG members to apply for Member Initiated Projects! We are calling for SONG member-led groups to submit a proposal to create a project connected to SONG’s current work under the umbrella of Free From Fear. SONG will be selecting 5 projects that reflect one or more of our core methods: Communications, Direct Action Organizing, Culture Change, Coalitions and Alliances, Political Education, and Base Building. Each project will receive up to $5,000 to push their dream into fruition. We know it is imperative that we better connect our base to each other. It is the network that we can count on to break isolation, find our people across shared experiences, interests and skills, and move collective work. Even before we formalized our membership, part of our function was to help incubate and seed other projects, groups, and formations as something necessary for our survival and movement-building. Sign up on our Member’s Only Portal to read more about the projects below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the scope of proposals that SONG accepts?

  • Aligns with our vision, methods + working agreements
  • Proposals must be connected to SONG’s current work and fall under Free from Fear: ending money bail for our people the South, stopping the invasion of police and ICE officers in our communities, and building cities and towns where Black, Immigrant and LGBTQ people can walk down their streets free from fear.
  • Project must also reflect one or more of our core methods of change: Communications, Direct Action Organizing, Culture Change, Coalitions and Alliances, Political Education, and Base-Building.
  • The scope will have to be figured out by trial and error, though we want to do our best to be able to link members with others that might be able to provide technical assistance or expertise.

What is the criteria?

  • Members with 1+ year experience as an active part of SONG in some way.
  • Needs to be a collective project – at least 4 to 5 core folks to start it. This work should also be an invitation for new folks to learn about us, our work and get involved, so connect with others and broaden the circle. You all are expected to connect with, include and invite other song members.
  • Come with a willingness to struggle and grow when things get hard and don’t stop showing up. Don’t drop the ball and if you can’t carry it, pass it to someone.
  • Members with broad based power analysis and practice.
  • Signed Code of Conduct and Leadership Agreements.

What can SONG offer?

  • Up to $5,000 to project costs, must submit a budget with proposal. If you need a sample budget please email 
  • Connection to SONG members interested in similar work.
  • Once a month coaching through SONG kinship network, either staff or Forever SONG family for up to 1 year.
  • Link to our political family / support including but not limited too: planning, governance, project management and development, conflict resolution, and visioning.
  • Information about the project on SONG’s website.
  • Integration of relevant projects into existing program work.
  • Helping to identify other SONG members who have similar interests in your project idea, please email if you need this support.

What can SONG NOT offer?

  • We do not have capacity to offer fiscal sponsorship beyond the $5,000 at a time, but we are going to approach other sister organizations in the region to be able to develop a short list of additional potential fiscal sponsors.
  • We will not offer resources for individual projects, rent, clothes, medicine, or other personal needs.


For more information, we will be holding 2 interest calls to support folks who may have questions or need support with the application process. RSVP for the call below:

Monday, October 4th, 2021 at 6pm CT/ 7pm EST

The application deadline for proposals is October 25th! Folks will be notified by November 16th. Want to apply by video? Send a video application submission to

View Our Current Projects Below: