SONG’s kinship network is the bedrock of our membership and organization. As our theory of change states, “When SONG can organize to shift power and build beloved community in the South—centering vision, hope, desire and resiliency—while supporting institutionally oppressed people in building organizations and developing a base of conscious leaders acting as catalysts and incubators of collective action, then a movement of self-determination will exist.”

In 2009, SONG launched the Amantes Program where we supported individual members in personal projects and pursuits. Our reflection from this process was our dreams are potent and we are thirsty to leverage our imagination and dreams in the service of SONG’s vision.

We are happy to invite SONG members to apply for Member Initiated Projects! We are calling for SONG member-led groups to submit a proposal to create a project connected to SONG’s current work under the umbrella of Free From Fear. SONG will be selecting 5 projects that reflect one or more of our core methods: Communications, Direct Action Organizing, Culture Change, Coalitions and Alliances, Political Education, and Base Building. Each project will receive up to $5,000 to push their dream into fruition. We know it is imperative that we better connect our base to each other. It is the network that we can count on to break isolation, find our people across shared experiences, interests and skills, and move collective work. Even before we formalized our membership, part of our function was to help incubate and seed other projects, groups, and formations as something necessary for our survival and movement-building.

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What is the Spokescouncil?

Our work is dictated by our members. Staff offer needed coordination and support, but we know we need to make our work moves forward whether we have staff or not. The SONG Spokescouncil is a longtime dream of ours that has come to fruition! It is a body made of representative from each chapter, each working group, board and our Black leadership development cohort, the Lorde’s Werq. The goal is to have this body be able to make decisions as SONG separate from staff. Their first decision was the first round of Member Initiated Project selections in 2018!

The 3rd Round Application process is closed.

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