We are living through and calling for transformation as protests against the system of policing have kindled fires of rage and solidarity globally. Our abolitionist vision is being embraced and grows with each person fed up, activated, fired up, and ready to fight for queer liberation.

In order to win our fights, we must work, move, and build in formation! We must lean into our collective power and learn from the wisdom of our movement leaders and ancestors.  The mandate calls us to work strategically to strengthen our power and birth the world we’re dreaming. To see our people free of shackles and cages with an abundance of Black joy and queer and trans liberation is the charge!

The series ran from the summer to the fall of 2020 and was for brand new organizers and folks wanting to refresh their skills alike to gain insight on how to squad up through base-building, direct action planning, and more join us as we skill-up and prepare to slay in our respective communities!  Each module is intended to strengthen our disability justice and language justice politic and practice.

Episode 0: Community Organizing for All

Episode 1: Community Organizing

Episode 2: Building Blocks of Building Locally

Episode 3: Slaying the Beast, Taking the Streets

Episode 4: Power Mapping

Episode 5: Healing Justice featuring Kindred Healing Justice Collective

Episode 6: #WeKeepUsSafe featuring Harriet’s Hands

Episode 7: Language Justice featuring HEARD (Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf communities)