SONG’s membership convenings are a key way for us to come together, build and strategize as a regional organization. Our convenings have different functions but all serve to build our consciousness, strengthen our organizing, break isolation and love on each other.

Queer South Revival

Queer South Revival is a time where we come together face to face to fortify our spirits, see each other’s faces, reflect on the moment, and uplink our local experiences and organizing with a broader regional understanding. We need more focused time and space together to assess both our collective strengths, weak points or soft spots, and what we are positioned to do and move as an organization.

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Queer South Revival 2020

Queer South Revival 2019

Queer South Revival 2018

Queer South Revival 2017

Out South

Out South is SONG’s coalition and alliance convening where we aim to build regional capacity to take on campaigns, build and deepen Southern movement relationships and skillshare across organizations, sharpen our analysis around the battles we are waging and the fights calling our name and create a container where folks who are funding the work and doing the work can meet and build relationships.

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Bayard Rustin Convening

The Bayard Rustin Convening brings together 30-50 LGBTQ people of color from SONG’s membership. Building on the legacy of Bayard Rustin, this convening centers the leadership and experiences of LGBTQ people of color in order to build organizing skills that work to challenge white supremacy and build collective power for ALL communities of color.

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Bayard Rustin 2019

Bayard Rustin 2017

Bayard Rustin 2015

Bayard Rustin 2014


Gaycation brings together between 90-120 SONG members for three nights of intergenerational, multi-racial, LGBTQ Southern magic. From elder story circles, to late night twerking competitions by the pool, to political discussions and skill shares, it is also a place where we hold our annual  regional membership meeting in order to build and share work with our regional membership.

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Free from Fear Campaign Convergence

Campaign Convergence brings together active campaign organizers from each SONG chapter to skillshare and spend time with other members and member leaders moving Free From Fear organizing campaigns to End Money Bail and Melt ICE across the South.

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Campaign Convergence 2018