Floyd SONG Members respond to Floyd, VA Board of Supervisors

As our people continue to face an onslaught of anti trans, anti queer and lgbtq and racially fueled attacks driven by a right wing, christian nationalist movement – we will continue to fight back against the attempts to remove our existence from the public. 

Last month the effects and outgrowth of this movement reared its head in Floyd, VA. In response to two events – a drag show and a Juneteenth event – the Floyd Board of Supervisors considered removing funds from local non profit the June Bug Center. 

In response to the actions of the Board of Supervisors, Floyd SONG members have written a response. 

Read it below:

Floyd has a reputation for being a welcoming and caring community. This is a reason why it is an attractive destination for people of color, queer, and trans people. Yoga Jam, 16 Hands, Floyd Fest, the Blue Ridge Parkway, delicious food and our artisan approaches are only a small sampling of what people flock to Floyd to experience. If people of color and those who identify as LGBTQIA+ in Floyd are living in terror, then our people will not come here and we are not willing to leave Floyd either. We are Southerners On New Ground (SONG), and we organize to meet the needs of Floyd’s LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and working class communities. 

We love it here. We will stand up for our neighbors, for ourselves and do everything we can to contribute to a community that lives up to the image it projects: a welcoming and accepting place where everyone is supported in their pursuit of happiness and belonging. 

Recognizing, addressing and meeting the needs of our community is a collaborative effort. Supporting the June Bug Center is a wise way to help Floyd help each other. While we extend the deepest of gratitude to the local leaders who voted in favor of art, education, and community on July 11, 2023, we also very strongly oppose any actions by the Board of Supervisors that furthers an extremist, Christian nationalist, racist, bigoted agenda. 

The right wing ecosystem has responded to the life enhancing expansion of rights and increased visibility of LGBTQIA+ and Black people by fueling cultural and political backlash, such as banning drag shows and misinterpreting Juneteenth events. This also manifests in conversations that characterize any and all LGBTQIA+ people as abusers, deviants, and dangers to society, especially children. These are narratives that have similarly been used against Black people to justify racial segregation and increased criminalization.

Anyone holding an elected position should insist upon justice for all in our communities. A supervisor who displays bigotry and religious bias simply cannot fully and with integrity represent their constituency. We are thankful to the Supervisors who demonstrated integrity by not rescinding funds from the June Bug Center. 

As beloved members of the Floyd community, we will continue to play the long game of  organizing with patience and faith towards a community that lives up to its shining reputation. 


Floyd members, Southerners On New Ground (SONG)

Floyd member LA (she/they), a tall dyke with grey hair giving remarks at a podium during Floyd, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting.
Floyd member LA (she/we/they) giving remarks at a podium during Floyd, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting
Floyd, VA SONG Supporter (left), white woman with brown hair and SONG Member Mara (she/her), white woman with red, curly hair attending Floyd, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting
Floyd, VA SONG Supporter (left) and SONG Member Mara (she/her) attending Floyd, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting

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One response to “Upholding the Floyd Reputation that Proceeds Us

  1. Just saw your letter in the Roanoke Times! It’s beautifully stated. I never knew of this organization but am so glad it exists. I will find ways to support you. 
    In solidarity,

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