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The first conversations about forming Southerners On New Ground (SONG) came about in 1992 when a multi-racial group of six Southern lesbians came together at Creating Change in Durham, NC, and dared to talk about LGBTQ people and economics in the same breath. Even though many told them it was a “waste of time” talking about things like NAFTA and how de-taxation was influenced by the resentment of Civil Rights Movement gains, at a national LGBTQ conference–the group insisted that these conversations were vital LGBTQ issues, vital to the South, and could not be ignored. Their insight, their courage, and their belief that every human is of equal worth led to the founding of SONG in 1993. Since then SONG has worked to:  build an understanding of the connections between issues and oppressions, do multi-racial organizing, and develop strong relationships between people who could and should be allies.

At SONG we believe this history and the history of all oppressed people is important to our collective struggle for liberation. Here you will find documentation of that work and SONG’s legacy in audio, news clips, photos, reports, testimonials and more. We hope that it ignites the kindred fire within you and inspires you to action.


Out South 2014 Report
Small Town Crossroads Report (2014)
One Million Conversations On Porches (2013)
Puentes Con Posibilidades//Bridges With Possibilities 2012
North Carolina Key Findings Report WINTER 2012
Virginia Key Findings Report SPRING 2012
In Your Face And In the Trenches Trans Report 2010
Igniting the Kindred Report 2007

Our People Are Worth the Risks, A Southern Queer Agenda From the Margins and the Red States

Ancestors In Training Intergenerational Liberation Movement Building in the South

SONG Strategy and Steps 2011


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