The Color out Cash Bail coloring book was dreamed up in August 2019 by a group of Richmond SONG members – Jasmine Leeward, Micky Jordan and Laura Chow Reeve – dreaming of ways to support community learning and conversation about ending cash bail and pretrial detention in Virginia. A coloring book was chosen to showcase the power of art and culture, as well as to share information in a fun, accessible, and beautiful way. 

Color out Cash Bail was supported by the Southerners on New Ground Membership Initiated Projects (MIP) program. Selected by the membership spokescouncil in the Fall of 2019, the MIP award allowed organizers to pay Virginian, Southern, BIPOC, and Queer and Trans artists to bring this vision to life, in addition to printing 300 copies to distribute to teachers, organizers, community organizations, and SONG members throughout the state and South. It is also available as a free download for anyone who wants to use it for political and popular education, base building, and organizing around cash bail, pretrial detention, prison abolition, and liberation for our people. Color these pages and tag @coloroutcashbail on Instagram to talk about what you learned!