Operations Manager

Hieu Tran (mix of pronouns) is a Viet, chronically ill, tender queer, born and raised in Virginia out of the Viet diaspora. Hieu comes to SONG from on-the-ground organizing in Virginia with listening sessions, the 2011 SONG Organizing Schools, Project South’s Summer Organizing drive, the Wayside Center for Popular Education’s intern program, SONG’s campaign formations, and healthy relationship skills classes in partnership with the Virginia Anti-Violence Project and five other grantees.

Hieu’s projects and interests include farming, finance, and economics in late capitalism, artmaking/crafts, southern movement-building, and using science fiction to explore the future. Their work with SONG has been grounded in introverted leadership, unpaid leadership, the underemployed, the 2nd and 3rd shift workers, and the ones no longer with us. Hieu is rooted in our struggle to survive, thrive, and connect to a living movement.