Co-Campaign Lead

Angela Henderson is an abolitionist-minded, saxophone-playing socialist, and lifelong student of Black radical traditions hoping to live the life she plays about. Growing up in the suburbs of Nashville, TN, classism, miseducation, and isolation characterized her experience as a young Black person. In the spring of 2018, SONG welcomed her into a new political home, where she has worked as a member, Lorde’s Werq participant, and Base-Building Fellow for the Nashville chapter. Now, she strongly believes that the only way to restore our humanity, our intellectual and imaginative rigor, and a dignified future is to commit to struggle. For this reason, Angela is compelled to seek truth through honest, anti-imperialist political education and to apply this knowledge towards the ongoing liberation and healing efforts of her communities. 

When it comes to her people–Black people, Queer and Trans folks, caregivers, nerds, children brought up in movement, organizers by name and organizers by practice, artists, formerly and currently incarcerated loved ones, and elementary school teachers — Angela is a commitment to recognition of the brilliance, of the joy, of the sacred, and of the collective capacity to transform.