Granted Spring 2019

The Greensboro Healing Center (name pending) will provide a central location for healing practitioners of multiple disciplines to offer workshops and classes aimed at addressing multiple systemic issues attached to generational trauma and mental health. This includes but is not limited to: conflict resolution, restorative and transformative justice, counseling/therapy, and relaxation workshops. This center will have multiple applications, but will primarily be made available free of charge to marginalized youth with the intention of presenting this to schools and the juvenile justice department as a diversion program to reduce the number of our youth being pumped through the school to prison pipeline.

Project Team:

  • Cherizar Crippen
  • D.J. Hudson
  • Carlin Rushing
  • Kori Davenport
  • Paige Ingram
  • Stas Schmiedt


The Half Moon House will be purchasing a structure to put on some land near a community garden in Greensboro and starting to meet there soon. They have had 2 meetings with members interested in moving this forward. There were setbacks in trying to find a building that worked for their project, but our members are working it out!