This summer, TLC@SONG will be finding our kindred across the South. We’ll kickoff in the Peach state, connect in the Delta, and dip down to the Panhandle! With our bodies and communities at stake we have nothing to lose by harboring one another. What will it take to end the detainment of immigrant transwomen? What will it take to stop the murders of Black transwomen? What are the lessons about survival we can take from our trans-cestors? It will take the visions of drag queens. It will take the determination of farmworkers. It will take all our resistance. Southern trans resistance is beautiful.

We’re calling this listening tour the Jewel Box Revue to honor the history of the famous drag troupe that started in South Florida and rose to critical acclaim before the AIDS epidemic in America. The Jewel Box Revue marked the most documented account we have of the celebration and performance of gender-fluidity in the South! Though many of the performers were called gender illusionists, today many of them would say they are transgender/non-binary.

We wish to continue that spirit of the Jewel Box Revue to connect to one another, talk about what we are experiencing, build tangible solutions for our communities, discover the great joy that lies within us, celebrate the genders that we carry, and honor the legacy of those who came before us who paved the way to get us closer to liberation. We’ll be going from town to town and state to state finding and connecting with our folks by holding listening sessions, and we want you to be a part of it!

June 28th Tour- New Orleans, Louisiana
July 21st Tour- Jackson, Mississippi
Aug 25th Tour- Miami, Florida

In addition to the tour, we’re launching a series of legal webinars this month. TLC@SONG has received an unprecedented increase in requests about changing identity documents. As organizers, we see a pattern that can be addressed regionally instead of through individual cases. Join Transgender Law Center and Southerners on New Ground for a webinar series to clarify this process.

In each webinar, we’ll focus on a different Southern state, walking you through the process of getting your name and gender legally recognized. Through partnership with local groups on the ground we’ll include links to forms, guides, & local resources that can offer further legal or financial assistance. The whole series will kick off with a webinar training on organizing your own legal clinic to help others in your area obtain gender-affirming identification.

Through these webinars you will learn:

  • How to organize a legal clinic
  • How our network of cooperating attorneys can support community organizers
  • How to navigate the ID change process, including how to file fee waivers

June 13th- Webinar- “Organizing A Legal Clinic”
June 14th- Webinar- Georgia
June 20th- Webinar-Louisiana
July 19th- Webinar- Mississippi
Aug 2nd- Webinar- Florida

CONTACT MICKY@TRANSGENDERLAWCENTER.ORG (731-468-7267) for more information