After a long campaign to end money bail in Durham led by grassroots organizations, Judge Evans and Judge Hudson have implemented a new policy that ignores the need for bail reform. This decision comes after 2 years of public pressure, outreach, reuniting over 30 Black mothers with their families and an in-depth courtwatching program to monitor patterns in courtrooms. Their policy claims to diminish the use of bonds and increase the use of pretrial release but actually criminalizes mental health and drug use, develops another form of a cage through electronic monitoring and relies on individuals in power to assume the financial standing of those criminalized. It is clear that there is work to be done. We understand the current conditions that keep people separated from their loved ones and urge both judges to end money bail and include a needs assessment model. We ask all of our elected officials to meet a clear new bar for justice. Both the County and City of Durham must do their parts to address the clear needs of those directly affected by pretrial incarceration. This bail policy stands against the progressive change that residents of Durham have been demanding. We demand investment in a new vision of public safety, investment in the lives and dignity of this community and divestment from a criminal legal system that traps our people in cages.