Facilities Steward

X Huilan Wang / 王慧倫 is a queer and trans 華僑 born in Pasadena, Texas to immigrant parents who met in Tennessee and love the music and culture of the South. X grew up in metro Los Angeles, CA among cultures from across the world as well as the diasporic Taiwanese community. Now they are finding a new home in Atlanta, Georgia. They came into movement work in through AARW, NAPAWF, and the leadership of Black Lives Matter Cambridge in Massachusetts; continuing with A4BL in the Bay Area where they first heard about SONG and year one of the Black Mamas Bail Out. X has worked as a cook, a metal fabricator and machinist, a carpenter, and variously all-around handy person, but didn’t think they’d find a way to combine their deep nerdery for tinkering with their commitment to movement. So they are way pumped to bring this love of handy problem solving to SONG as the Facilities Steward for SONG’s Atlanta offices.