Resource Organizing Lead

Micah Blaise is an educator, organizer, and femme born & raised in small-town South Carolina. She is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina. Micah has been involved in feminist and anti-racist youth-led organizing in her home state over ten years. Her professional background includes working as special education teacher with a radical agenda and serving as the first full-time staff person for the Carolina Youth Action Project (formerly Girls Rock Charleston). During her time with CYAP, she helped establish South Carolina’s first community-based alternative to incarceration program for young people and tripled the budget of the organization. Micah is passionate about organizing resources to build power in the South and fundraising to support movement leaders fighting for a world where all of us can live Free from Fear. She is Libra with a Virgo rising who loves making commitments, swimming in the ocean under the full moon, and being barefoot in the kitchen.