Operations Coordinator

Maya Avery Washington is a Black, queer woman from Atlanta, Ga. She spent the early part of social justice work studying black history and getting involved in the art activism around queer liberation for black, brown and low income folks in the city of Chicago and Atlanta. She spent 2017-2018 as a Tzedek Social Justice Fellow for Operations and Engagement at the Campaign for Southern Equality. Her path towards liberation is through lgbtqia+ visibility, prison abolition and children’s advocacy. She has spent the better part of five years orchestrating various events around the South that utilize human centered design, language justice and crip theory to create radically accessible spaces as a powerful political tool. Maya is an environmental alchemist, transforming unimaginative rooms to wildly inclusive spaces. She believes a strong operations team, well crafted events, and community engagement with fully realized aesthetic choices makes social justice accessible to all. Maya values the power of organizing the organizers, inter-generational and ancestral work, creativity, and working with the Earth. In her spare time Maya likes to spend time in the water, listen to true crime podcasts, and experiment with fiber art. Her personal future lies in designing the tangible liberated future of autonomous healing, living and growing space for black and brown queer folks.