Aesha Fadeelah Rasheed is a healer, ritual worker, organizer and hard femme born in Oklahoma who has made home in New Orleans for 20 years. Over the decades, she has launched and led numerous community support projects including publishing the New Orleans Parents’ Guide to Public Schools, co-founding Morris Jeff Community School, and other efforts to support families and children in New Orleans. She has been a weaver of spaces to celebrate QTBIPOC folks such as Black Brown Queer (BBQ NOLA) – a meet up for queer people of color and Queer Cartography – a history-telling poster project and QISM a space for queer Muslims. Alongside and within movement work Aesha brings her healing practices as a body worker and caster of ritual spaces and is a co-shaper of spirit grove collective of black intuitives doing collective spiritual care work. Aesha is also former board member and forever supporter of SONG. A writer and recovering journalist, Aesha originally moved to Louisiana in 2000 to work as an education reporter.