Calls for Procedures Gain Traction as HB2 Debate Heats Up-Durham Herald Sun

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SONG’s Free From Fear campaign in Durham launched in January 2015 as part of a regional campaign effort to demand an end to profiling and state violence against people of color and LGBTQ people in southern towns and cities. The Durham Free From Fear campaign has been working on the implementation of standard operating procedures within the police department to address police interactions with LGBTQ communities. By implementing standard operating procedures, the city can, “actively speak out against these attacks …

The Trans Tripping Point or Loretta Lynch is like our Auntie


“I’m here for Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s clapback presentation of the DOJ statement. I’m just not so enamored by having my gender “seen” as to forget there were 2 other parts of this bill unexamined (the anti-worker policies). And unfortunately, those aren’t even the most insidious parts about this whole situation…but best believe whatever wins come are won by organizing, whether it’s on the courtroom floor or the dancefloor. Organizing will set us free ‪#‎VisibilityIsNOTenough ‪#‎WeCameToSlayHB2”

SparkleBark 2016 Art Residency!


Are you an artist, maker, or crafty queer of any kind AND a SONG member? If so, we have GREAT news for you! In collaboration with our dear friends at Sparkle Bark Farms outside of Asheville, NC, we are piloting a new project offering a total of 6 artist residencies this summer starting in late July through mid August! Artists, Makers, Crafty-Queers and SONG members from all dimensions! Just like in all of SONG’s work we will also prioritize LGBTQ …

HB2 Goes Into Effect Tomorrow. DONATE to SONG Today!


(English transcript below. Help us turn this transcript into captions by volunteering your time. Email Last week, North Carolina lawmakers held a ‘special session’ to pass House Bill 2. SONG members and staff fought back by mobilizing people, leveraging regional resources, and amplifying stories of resistance. Our members, supporters, and partner organizations demonstrated leadership, vision, and fierce love for our communities and ourselves. LGBTQ people in North Carolina and all over the South are strong, resistant, and brave. Now …