We Came to Slay HB2 in North Carolina

North Carolina SONG Family:
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This work includes:


This will entail working locally to spread a message of resistance, through distributing posters (coming soon!) at private businesses, schools and places of worship that send a signal to all the haters that we are Free From Fear and that we will reject HB2. This means both that we will one, embolden and empower each other to move in public spaces in ways that suit our genders, bodies, and choices, two, refuse the state’s attempted regulation of our genders and bodies, and three, that we will encourage institutions to to not enact the unjust mandates in HB2 that are fundamentally anti-LGBTQ and anti-worker.


We will work to expose, shame, and undermine some of the most evil ‘enemies of the people’ in North Carolina and expose these far-Right leaders for the harm they are doing to our communities. We must oppose them at every turn. It will take all of us. Join us.


We will notify you about actions, events, and projects specific to this issue as the work progresses.

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