Building The Ship We Need For This Moment: A Message From Caitlin Breedlove


Dear SONG family, allies and supporters, Nine years ago when Paulina and I became Co-Directors of SONG, the organization had few monetary resources and a small group of active leaders. What we lacked in money though was not overshadowed by the immense love from people around the South or by the legacy of the dream of SONG that was dedicated to our people. That legacy and LGBTQ Southern leaders called us to grow, to build, and to fight for our …

Dear Baltimore: A Love Note from SONG


Dear Baltimore, People have been throwing a lot of shade your way lately and, even though you are just shy of the Mason Dixon, we see the old genteel South rearing its ugly head. Just like in post-Katrina New Orleans, they’re calling you criminals, thugs, and hooligans. They say that you’re looting and destroying your city, but we know better than that. We know that this isn’t just about Freddie Gray. We know that there are others, like Mya Hall, …

There is Honor in The Work: SONG on the Role of White People in The Movement at This Time


Over the last year, SONG’s base and thousands of other LGBTQ people have taken to the streets answering the call to do our part in demanding Black Lives Matter and Not1More Deportation. Black, immigrant, white, rural, urban, transgender, queer and undocumented SONG members have invited strangers over to their homes, planned their first vigil or protest, shut down highways and intersections, staged actions at city council meetings, launched campaigns, facilitated their first planning meeting and much more. Also in this …

AUDIO: Suzanne Pharr @ Out South

Below is the link to listen to the audio from Suzanne Pharr’s presentation on The History of the Right Wing at Out South: A Gathering of LGBTQ Leadership.     The Penn Center: December 5th 2014    

Six Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Murders Already in 2015: Statements Alone Are Not Enough

Lamia Beard + Ty Underwood, Rest in Power

“All we fought for at Weinstein Hall was lost when we left upon the request of the pigs…. You people run if you want to, but we’re tired of running. We intend to fight for our rights until we get them.”     — Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) first pamphlet, 1970. In the first 31 days of 2015 we have already witnessed the tragic loss of (at least) 6 LGBTQ people of Color. We sit in our homes, offices, and …