“We are not here to make a case for the South. We are the South” – Paulina Helm-Hernandez On April 26th – 28th 2013, SONG rolled South to Jacksonville FL, where we joined forces with over 40 other Southern racial and economic justice organizations. This process is a continuation of the 1st Southern Movement Assembly held Sept 2012 in Lowndes County, AL. 30 SONG members, member leaders and staff joined 150 other movement leaders from around the region.

Southerners March for a Fair and Just Immigration Reform

SOUTHEAST IMMIGRANT RIGHTS NETWORK CONTACTS: Mónica Hernández, Regional Coordinator, SEIRN 865-548-6388 Paulina Helm-Hernández, Co-Director, SONG 404-919-1412 América Gruner, Executive Director, CLILA 404-803-4546 Isabel Vinent, Deputy Director FLIC 786-210-8287

For Jurina: A Letter for A Light Lost

She made us better. Jurina was a part of the SONG family, and as a family we grieve the loss of one of our own. One who gave everything she had to this life. One who served on the SONG board and strengthened the organization by reminding all of us why we work so hard. She pushed us all like prizefighters, as she pushed us to be better & stronger. She reminded us to welcome everyone who came in the …

The Dawns to Come: Thoughts On the Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

Thoughts on the Supreme Court and Gay Marriage Caitlin Breedlove, SONG Co-Director I wake up, I make coffee, and America is arguing about gay marriage. The television tells us one version of ‘the issues of the day’. We know something different. To me, it looks like an outpouring of complexity, and some of the same old divisions appear against LGBTQ people, and between LGBTQ people: differences in opinion about gay marriage. We live in the South, and as a leader within SONG I have had the …