A Labor of Love: Black Mama’s Bail Out Action

SONG crews and political family across the region bailed out Black mothers across the region this week. Over 3,000 of you have donated to SONG’s Black Mama’s Bail Out Fund in the last three weeks. Thank you! From Little Rock, AR, to Charlottesville, VA, and across the country, hundreds and thousands of our people have put in the work to make this action possible. From fundraising on the street, stuffing gift baskets, countless late night meetings, jail visits, filing open …

Defy, Defend, Demand From May Day to Beyond

May 1st, or May Day (International Worker’s Day), emerged out of the fight for an eight-hour workday in 1886 in Chicago. On this day, striking workers clashed with police, resulting in several deaths—four of the protesters were later hanged. In recent years, May Day has become an important day of action for immigrant rights. In 2006, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and allies marched in cities around the country to push back against criminalization and to demand fair immigration policies. …

Kindred Sounds Volume 6

kindred sounds 06

TRACK LIST   Kindred Sounds is a semi-regular curated playlist created by Southerners On New Ground designed to ground, inspire, and move us to action. Share this Post

Honoring SONG Co-Founder Joan Garner

Joan Garner

Joan Garner is wearing a red jacket in this group photo of former SONG Co-Directors, Board Member, Co-Founders and Family. Photo Courtesy  Mab Segrest. It is with a heavy heart that we share with y’all the news of Joan Garner’s passing after a prolonged battle with breast cancer. Joan was a brilliant Black femme lesbian who helped co-found SONG 24 years ago. Her work is ever present here in the South and she never stopped working to advance our shared …