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SONG is a regional Queer Liberation organization made up of people of color, immigrants, working class and rural and small town LGBTQ people.  We are a membership-based organization.

SONG’s members are made up of people committed to building freedom movements rooted in southern traditions like non-violent social justice activism, storytelling, music, breaking bread, resistance, humor, performance, critical thinking, and celebration.

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Read below – to learn more about WHY we have a membership and HOW you can become a member.



SONG believes that social movements are one of our main hopes for liberation. Organizations are one of the key building blocks of social movements. Organizations are made up of people—leaders. We build membership (or our base) as a way to build the skills, connection and leadership of thousands of Southern rural LGBTQ people of color, immigrant people and working class people – united together in the struggle for dignity and justice for all people. In order to transform the South we must build our collective power, our people power, which comes from thousands and thousands of us uniting to make the South the home our communities need it to be.

SONG’s membership is a structure for the interchange of ideas, shared commitment to social and economic justice, and support between the staff and board of SONG and those who support LGBTQ liberation in the South. This interchange takes place through:

  • personal and group communications
  • leadership development and political education
  • strategic partnerships
  • contribution of resources
  • member meetings + gatherings
  • collective action, campaign organizing and short term projects


All SONG members are asked to contribute to the life of the organization on an annual basis – either through membership dues ($15/year) or through in-kind donations.

We also look to our members for more than money. We need folks to actively participate in stopping cycles of violence, oppression, deceit, and isolation. We look to our members to commit to the life-long process of being anti-racist, gender liberationists, truth-tellers and healers.



Why have general members?
We must have a general membership in order to build base, and support a broad group of Southern, isolated LGBTQ organizers and those who align with our work. People living outside the South can join SONG as supporters or as members.  We are a Southern organization, so our priority and accountability in terms of resources, decision-making and energy is with our Southern base.

When you become a member you receive: Political information, resources, information about membership meetings and gatherings, connections with queers from and throughout the South who are interested in making progressive social change, and the opportunity and experience of working on strategic campaigns and projects.

There are 3 ways to become a member:

  1. Talk to a SONG staffer
  2. Call the SONG office (404-549-8628)
  3. Fill out a new member form online HERE


Why have member leaders?
Member leadership is critical to SONG’S work and must be more than in name only.
 It takes a process for members to get the training and support they need to lead.

When you become a member leader you receive:  All of the above, PLUS a minimum of one-year training and leadership development for specific work on projects/campaigns, with an emphasis on alliances and coalitions, in five Southern states. All member leaders must sign SONG Principles and Values.

In Fall of 2012 and spring of 2013 – Member Leaders are those who have committed to our Political Education Program. For more information on SONG’s regional political education program contact