SONG believes that investing a piece of our own survival for our collective survival brings us closer to being autonomous and supported by our people.  Please help support our work by becoming a monthly donor to SONG, and help us be a member-driven and funded organization. We do our best to stretch every dollar towards the deepening of Southern-led LGBTQ organizing, in-kind donations, matching gifts, online gifts and planned giving are just a few of the way to support our work, please consider becoming a monthly donor to SONG. Every little bit helps!

SONG’s work benefits from the generous and on-going support of our members, allies, sister organizations & coalition partners, and the following foundations:

Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Fund
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
ARCUS Foundation
Calamus Foundation
Ford Foundation
Foundation for a Just Society
Fund for Democratic Communities
Laughing Gull Foundation
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Southern Partners Fund
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation