Defy, Defend, Demand From May Day to Beyond

May 1st, or May Day (International Worker’s Day), emerged out of the fight for an eight-hour workday in 1886 in Chicago. On this day, striking workers clashed with police, resulting in several deaths—four of the protesters were later hanged. In recent years, May Day has become an important day of action for immigrant rights. In 2006, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and allies marched in cities around the country to push back against criminalization and to demand fair immigration policies. The 2006 May Day rallies marked a powerful surge in the growing political power of immigrant communities, and were accompanied by boycotts, walkouts and other forms of protest to highlight the vital roles of immigrants in the U.S. May 1st is also Day 101 of the Trump administration. We know that our demands for justice, freedom and the right to live fully with dignity and respect will continue beyond Trump’s First 100 Days. SONG joins The Majority, a coalition of more than 50 organizations who came together in this moment to collaborate, defy, defend and mobilize with others committed to fighting for justice and equality for all people. We know that when combined, communities of color and all people who believe in justice, freedom, redemption and the right to live fully, without fear, and with dignity and respect, are in the vast majority and that we will win. Join the effort and find an action near you today.

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