Join the Make It Rain Team For SONG!

Are you…

  • willing to ask people for money?
  • fired up and inspired by SONG’s work and vision in this moment?
  • always dreaming up new ways to fund our movements?
  • excited to define what grassroots fundraising means to SONG?
  • interested in cultivating major donors and making “asks” to support our people getting free?
  • marathoning Suze Orman with a strong class critique to research financial management?
  • about boosting our collective hustle in late stage capitalism?


If you’re inspired to further SONG’s economic justice work, then please consider gifting us your time and energy with a commitment of about 8 to 10 hours this fall and winter (from the end of October to January) to fundraising with the Make It Rain Team.

No previous experience is necessary in hustling! This is a chance for us to practice together to ask folks to fund Southern queer and trans liberation work, to scheme and pilot new grassroots fundraising formations, and to make it rain for SONG!


Across the South, we have more ways for SONG members to come out, destroy fear, and unleash power than ever — from Free From Fear campaigns calling for police accountability in our Southern cities and towns, to tracking and shaming the right wing in our region, to building a fierce base of queer and trans Black, Latinx, and people of color resisting and organizing against the incarceration, deportation, and detention crisis that harms our families and communities.

This work requires much courage and we know it also requires material things: bus tickets, food for meetings, childcare, fabric for banners and paint, gasoline, interpretation, and places to gather. Each day, our numbers are growing. This work needs money and we must build on the best of our queer and trans ancestral traditions to get it. Join the MAKE IT RAIN TEAM TODAY to ensure SONG’s survival as a kinship network and as an organization willing to fight for our lives with the fierceness of our rage and grace.


We’re forming a team of 20 SONG supporters, members, board, and staff committed to moving on grassroots fundraising opportunities. Our first fundraising initiative is to recruit 60 new monthly donors to SONG by the end of 2016!!! It’s the season of giving and Fund for Democratic Communities is running a matching program that will match who we sign up dollar for dollar!!!

Right now, SONG gets our money from grants from private foundations, grassroots donors, and membership dues. We made a strategic decision organizationally to aggressively fundraise in order to resource, redistribute and build the work we need to transform the South, a 13 state region. The more individual donors who support SONG’s work the stronger we are for the long haul of SONG’s survival another 20 years and beyond. Monthly grassroots donations to SONG of any amount – from moms to librarians to queens to bartenders – means our work will be more sustainable and most directly accountable to our own members and supporters in the region.

We need YOU to make the magic happen! Oh, and did we mention there will be sexy matching cash–green hankies for Make It Rain Team members???

If you’re interested in this work you can sign up below!


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