SONG is a 23-year old LGBTQ organization working across lines of class, race, gender, sexuality and culture.

We are from the South, rooted in the South and accountable to our Southern LGBTQ family. We vision a South where all of our communities and all of our selves can live free from fear.

We train, support and connect LGBTQ justice loving Southerners to each other so we can take on the key issues of our time through community organizing, policy change and culture change work, and breaking isolation in order to transform this region town by town, block by block, back road by back road, heart by heart.

So many things make this work and our organization run: coffee, money, gay debauchery, trust, faith, loyalty, love for each other, clunker cars, artists, healers, herbalists, cooks, puppet makers writers, organizers, activists, and all of us willing to transform the harsh realities of the world.

With the work that we are called to do, we need places of sanctuary:  to gather, to regroup, to dream and scheme, to touch the earth and clay and water, to pray, to experiment. This is why we are putting it out into the universe: We are looking for land!

For generations LGBTQ people, women, Black people, healers, midwives and artists have found each other, have gathered and have provided sanctuary for each other. We want to do this too – for ourselves and for our region. Can you help us?

What are we looking for?

Land that has at least 1 acre that is arable

A location 1-2 hours from an interstate

A well or water source

In the South!

In Our Dream World…

An old camp!

Multiple Cabins

A commercial kitchen

Think You Can Help?

We would love to talk to our SONG family about how to make this dream a reality. Perhaps you would like to gift SONG this magical piece of land or perhaps you are interested in setting up a bequest in service of finding SONG sanctuary, or perhaps you have another idea up your sleeve!

If interested please send an email to, OR call Kate Shapiro, Membership Director, at 404-549-8628.