The Fix That’s a Farce: HB2 Is Still a Threat


State legislators made nervous by the People’s Clapback and grassroots organizing from LGBTQ communities since March are trying to back alley their way out of the backlash from their Hate Bill 2 with new proposed legislation to “fix” HB2, but they can’t pull the wool over our eyes with an HB2.0. Governor McCrory, state legislators Dan Bishop and Buck Newton, and the other architects of hate against LGBTQ people, workers, and local democratic control have been busy in Raleigh churning out more anti-trans, anti-queer, anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, and anti-worker policies since it has been in session. They’re trying to quiet us down, but we see right through this sham legislation — which creates more harm for our people, including:

  1. Making transgender people register for a “certificate of sex reassignment” with the state
  2. Maintains the restrictions towards transgender and gender non-conforming people’s access to public facilities, the part of HB2 keeping our people in the shadows in the first place
  3. Creating even more criminal penalties for crimes committed in restrooms.
  4. Replacing the state employment nondiscrimination standards with the federal standards BUT employers can still discriminate when it comes to their bathrooms
  5. Replacing the state public accommodations nondiscrimination standards with federal BUT providers of public accommodations can still discriminate when it comes to facilities
  6. Barring local communities from protecting the safety and livelihood of their residents with ordinances on sanctuary cities, living wages, or non-discrimination

This fix is a farce. HB2 still causes huge problems for transgender and gender non-conforming people in bathrooms and public facilities and still allows the state to undo and override local ordinances. HB2 STILL strangleholds organizing wins made at the local level. HB2 STILL puts a target on our backs. As LGBTQ communities have said from the beginning, we’ll accept nothing less than a full repeal of HB2. We will do whatever it takes to to protect and secure our most basic protections and rights and to build a South free from fear. Get involved with SONG in the fight back against HB2 at

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