From Freedom To Marry to Free From Fear, Victory At The Highest Court

It took thousands of people and decades to build the political power to make this moment possible. We value the heart and labor that has led to this victory, and we know that the survival of our community relies on more than marriage alone The Same Sex Marriage victory was built off of the longing our communities have for wholeness, family and self-determination. These values were never just about getting marriage. We must hold these values to keep the heart of our communities and movement beating. It requires that we organize, mobilize, and advocate around systems and issues that are literally killing and caging countless members of our community, like the detention and deportation of LGBTQ immigrants, the murders of trans people, and the hyper- enforcement, state violence and incarceration of young Black LGBTQ people. Prioritizing our collective survival that centers poor people, women, trans and gender nonconforming people, immigrants, and people of color, is the only strategy that doesn’t leave our people behind and gets us to the end game of liberation. For over two decades SONG has organized with LGBTQ people across the South to make this a reality. From fighting white hate groups in the 90s, to our current Free From Fear campaigns that are working to address state violence, criminalization, detentions, incarceration, and deportations. We are committed to ending and transforming culture and policies that create hostile and violent climates for our people. We hope you’ll join us in our continued fight for liberation in our lifetime.