Homo Sweet Homo, A Shout Out to Queers In South Carolina


South Carolina SONG members are making waves in the state and across the region with a platform they created for SC queers to respond to Rep. Garry Smith and the Ways and Means Committee of the South Carolina State Legislature who recently made budget cuts to programs to punish USC Upstate and the College of Charleston for assigning LGBTQ-themed books for their freshman reading programs. The committee voted 20-1 to slash each school’s budget by the exact amount that the programs cost.The platform, Homo Sweet Homo:  Gay Faces, Gay Places, integrates, politics, art, culture and technology to confront this blatant attack on academic freedom and the long history of attacks on LGBTQ people by conservatives inside and outside of the SC Legislature. SONG members, family, and allies in South Carolina and across the South are posting photos to let Garry Smith and other legislators know that we are here, we will not be moved by their efforts to erase us, this is our home, and we are building community and fighting back against attacks like this in South Carolina and across the South.
 You can support South Carolina SONG members by submitting your own selfie on Homo Sweet Homo and tell your friends!