FIERCE and Southerners on New Ground (SONG) Release Groundbreaking Reports at Creating Change Conference in Houston, TX


SONG has been hard at work over the past 12 months developing a rural and small town organizing program for LGBTQ people in the South. We’ve done a lot of research and have talked to a lot of people. Our membership and allies across the region and the country have been invaluable to this process and we can’t thank you enough for your insight, experience, and cheers of encouragement!
We’re calling our program Small Town South and will be rolling it out over the next 12 months, working in at least three Southern sites in 2014 with a goal of building rural and small town LGBTQ leaders across the region to come together in the summer and fall.
Part of the roll out of our program includes the release of our recently finished Small Town Cross Roads Report, inspired by the Small Town Cross Roads Summit last spring in Greensboro, NC, where organizations and leaders came together to discuss strategies and challenges of intersectional rural and small town organizing. The report is a reflection of and was inspired by our time at the summit and the collective wisdom garnered there. Find the report here. 

We’re co-releasing the report today with 
FIERCE! and their new national report on LGBTQ youth organizing called Moving Up, Fighting Back: Creating a Path to LGBTQ Youth Liberation.

Both reports lift up the experiences of LGBTQ communities in the rural and small town south and LGBTQ Youth of Color nationally and call for increased resources for geographically under-represented regions and communities facing homelessness, violence and criminalization.

We hope you’ll check out these reports and get connected to our work!

Want to know more about the report and our Small Town South program? Want to connect to other rural and small town LGBTQ people in the South? Email and join us for a Small Town South Call-In

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