20 Years// Now More Than Ever

endofyearCOVERThis year has been marked by SONG’s hard work to come together, defeat fear, and unleash power. The heart of the history of the Queer Liberation struggle has been about the will to take our lives back in order to live them on our terms. We often say, “We are looking for the people who are looking for us.” That has never been truer than this year. People all over the South have come forth out of wood-paneled gay bars, schools, churches, mosques, town halls, immigrant rights organizations, and Black led freedom traditions to build with us. We are finding our people, inspiring them to come out of hiding, seeing how much is possible beyond the horizon of our fear, and building a base that understands that our true power is collective power. We are strengthening our muscle to confront the systems that brutalize us because they must come down and because it makes us stronger. Read more about our work in 2013 by reading our End of Year Report.

In 2014, as we move to deepen our immigrant rights work, push our four campaigns out into the world, roll out our rural organizing program, and invest in the leadership of our trans* and gender non-conforming and people of color membership, we know that we cannot do this work alone. If you are ready to confront power on behalf of our peoples, if you believe that our people are worth the risk and that acting on that belief can make us more whole than we ever imagined–we are ready for you. Join us. You can support our work by becoming a monthly donor or simply renewing your SONG membership here.