The Day After NC’s Amendment 1: OUR WIN IS BIGGER!!

The Day After NC voted on Amendment 1’s anti-LGBTQ bill significantly diminishing our people’s protections and autonomy to build our families in the state: OUR win is Bigger!! Because this is only the beginning of a different kind of fight: one that fights towards Sexual Liberation, and pushes-back on any state that seeks to MANDATE how we build families, and punishes our people for being queer, lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender…. and fight for a kind of NC and South that upholds and values our dignity, our safety, and cherish our families as part of the fabric of life in the South.

Name the win you were a part of or saw play out in your community and with your families, and share your victory story with us!!

The Day after Amendment One… OUR WIN IS BIGGER! from S.O.N.G. on Vimeo.

Share YOUR win out of this fight with the world!

The fight against North Carolina’s Amendment One galvanized thousands and inspired the whole country. “They,” the architects of this legislation and the Right-Wing forces led by NC Representative Paul Stam “The Sham” that pay for these wedge amendments, may have won the short term battle.

But the TRUE victory is in our renewed commitment to each other and solidarity with all families.
They may have won the amendment. BUT OUR WIN IS BIGGER!